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$200,000 material handling conveyor system lightly used for 3 years. I disconnected it and bought it. It is now in my hanger and needs to go before my RV is done. Any takers, give me a buzz.


Most of what is included is listed below:

          33+ - 8’ or 10” x 54” wide, sections of normal roller conveyor.(gravity or motor driven)

          8 side shift sections

          1 Air Table

          All Rollers. At least half of them are poly urethane coated.

          All Legs

          All Air cylinders

          All Drive Motors

          All Proximity switches

          Main Electrical panel with Allen Bradley SLC 500 controls with 2 – 13 slot racks and 22 I/O cards, circuit Breakers, Transformer, AB Relays, Buss touch safe Fuses, Allen Bradley terminal blocks (that have not been written on), air pressure switch, and indicator lights.


-These first 3 pictures are of a piece of the conveyer that the customer is keeping. It is not included in the sale. It is simply an example of how the conveyor looks when set up.




All of the rest of the pictures are included in the sale.


-Main Electrical Control Panel








-Air Table. When pedal is pushed, Air is put on the balls to allow easy movement of a part.





-The Rest of the Conveyor



















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