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itrader reviews This site is the log of my progress in building my Vans Aircraft RV7A.  I have had a great time with the project. It is actually rather addicting and is sometimes on my mind too often, if that is possible! :}


I am building a slow build kit that I started in February of 2004.  I am currently finishing up the fuselage. The wings and tail are done but will have to be mounted later because I am out of space.  I have mounted the landing gear and the Lycoming O-360-A4M engine already. The interior is mostly installed, and the instrument cutouts have been made on the instrument panel.  I have mounted the instruments and avionics that I can afford now. The rest will have to wait for some pennies from Heaven.  I am currently working on the canopy & wiring.



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The following is a copy of the article regarding my console placed on on January 6th



itrader scam This is a center console for a Vans Aircraft RV7 / RV7A. It was designed and built by Bryan Fillman in Holland, Michigan for his own RV7A for a couple reasons. He wanted a center mounted throttle quadrant, and a center armrest. He also designed a storage area within the armrest similar to what you would find in an automobile console (but to RV scale). The arm rest (which is not yet padded & upholstered in these photos) is hinged and will lift up and back to provide a storage area in the console that is about 10” x 2 ½”. The opening is about 6” x 1 ¾”. It is a little tight to get your hand into, but it is great storage for books, charts, and preflight check list.

Flying with this console will be very comfortable with both elbows on an armrest and hands operating the stick and throttle without having to hold your arm in the air to keep a hand on the traditional panel mounted plunger style throttle. The fuel selector is an Andair fuel selector with an extension valve. The throttle quadrant is a special order DJM Mfrg. Model. The upholstery is very high quality leather like vinyl with wear and fade properties better than leather.

After building this and getting so many compliments from other builders, this builder has decided to build more of these, and is now in the beginning stages of marketing this console. The console will be available in a couple of colors (others available on request). The console will also be available with or without the cutouts for the throttle quadrant and fuel valve as these items will be optional as well. He also hopes to make this for the RV6(A), very soon as well. As it is right now, the console will bolt directly in to a RV7 or 7A  & a RV9 or 9A with no modification and only requires a couple of screw holes to be drilled (the throttle quad. & fuel selector, if used, will require some modifications to be made). The custom panel in this picture is also 1 ½” lower (bigger). This means that if you have a standard vans panel, this will require a 1 ½” channel spacer between the console and the panel. What’s great about this is that if you have the below panel mounted throttle/mixture controls, the console will not interfere if you want to continue to use these.

investous broker For More information on this product or other products, go to the RV Products link.


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